About Us

We are a Liberiana company that is dedicated to rent and sell properties, manage them and give them the maintenance due in the area of ​​Liberia, Guanacaste. We are called RentameCR because initially we started only in rentals and little by little we have implemented other services. The idea of ​​putting a “me” at the end of the name shows and reminds us of the warmth we want to reflect in our services, when someone buys or rents a property can tell us that we will be there not only before but after the process.

Our services have no cost for those looking to buy or rent, the owners of the properties are those who give us a commission for the work of marketing, showing, comparing and closing the business. No commission will be paid if the business is not closed.

Within our marketing strategies are Television, Internet, flyers, telephone marketing, etc. We study the need of the client before showing properties, so we are more effective and we do not waste time of any of the parties, we consider ourselves guides in such a delicate process as buying or renting a property.

We are constantly researching and innovating practical systems to reach the final customer, we invest a lot in constantly improving and training our work team, which translates into efficiency and quality. Our slogan: “we have the key you are looking for”

Our mission

Offer real estate services of the highest quality, exceeding customer expectations, generating confidence in your investment.

Our vision

To be the most influential and best performing real estate company in the country, being innovative and competitive, improving the quality of life of our clients and collaborators.


Honesty           Puntuality
Warmth                 Veracity
Perseverance       Humility

Activities promoted by RentameCR

We believe fully in the constant improvement of individuals, we know that everyone needs an opportunity like we have had, so we are constantly creating benefits among people and companies in Liberia to promote the market and strengthen it in the area. How did we achieve that? We have made agreements with several companies in the area and some national ones, so that RentameCR offers its services when our clients need it. For example: One of our clients comes from San Jose for work to live in Liberia, we take care not only to look for his house in Liberia, but also the transport, furniture, curtains, nannies, schools, etc. In other words what you need to make you feel welcome in our land and this is not an additional cost for the person, it is an added value, the best of all is that many of these services include a special RentameCR discount.

Another case is the special discounts in case of acquiring our services with accountants, marketing companies, impressions, lawyers, whatever you need to do your business in Liberia.

Headquarters and contacts of RentameCR

The headquarters of RentameCR is located in Liberia, Guanacaste, 200 mts East of Toys (Liberia Center). Our office phone is (506) 2666 40 00, email info@Rentamecr.com, our website: www.rentamecr.com

Important announcement

RentameCR is an intermediary company that helps our clients to find the ideal place to rent, we take care of taking them to the property at no cost for customers looking for rent, the owner of the property pays us a fee for these services, we do not increase the rental prices or the deposit, we do not leave guarantee deposits of our customers or charge the monthly payments every month, we are not responsible for the failure to pay the rent, nor for damages to the properties, we do not deliver or receive real estate , we are not responsible nor intermediaries in the resolution of conflicts between the tenant and the owner of the property, we can not promise that the improvements of the property promised by the owner are met, because our work as a company is to facilitate the search for a property to rent, which generates a great saving of time and money.

This clarification is very important for all our customers, because we have had some situations where the owner of the property has differences with the tenant and then none of the parties want to be responsible and try to be us who pay the consequences of such misunderstandings.

As a company we allow the negotiation to be carried out directly between our client tenant and tenant so that we do not have any misunderstandings in the future.

For our company it is a pleasure to provide the service of search and promotion of rentals, we want to provide the best service to you and your family and we believe in the goodwill of the people.

Thank you very much for choosing us, we want to be your advisors in everything you need in search of your property.

We are RentameCR.