We want to give you a warm greeting from the RentameCR team. Here we have compiled some practical tips in case you plan to buy or rent.

  1. Determine well what you are looking for, the most important questions you should know to answer is: What are you looking for ?, where do you want it to be located ?, what size should the property be ?, how many rooms ?, and especially what is my budget ?.
  2. Communicate well with your partner before looking for an apartment or house or lot, in fact if you can do this process together, this will save you many misunderstandings.
  3. Be realistic: there is no perfect house, if you are going to rent remember that this will not be your house for life, usually living a year or two in the same place, rarely someone rent a house for more than 3 years.
  4. Being ready to take out your wallet in Liberia, you can not compare the prices of this area with others in the country.
  5. If you plan to live in Liberia, remember that many of the streets of Liberia are in poor condition, in fact the majority. Be ready to buy spare parts or a larger vehicle.
  6. Some houses will never be of your interest, but some are very close, but there are others where you feel that you fill most expectations, when that happens you are ready to rent it. The rental market is very volatile in this area. Today is the option, not tomorrow. Some people say that what is theirs, is theirs and what is not, not. However, we have seen many times that his is in front and not taken for lack of decision.
  7. Some neighborhoods in Liberia are dangerous, others have water drainage problems, please make sure that where you are buying or renting do not have such problems.
  8. When you think about investing in apartments or houses to rent or sell, call us we will be available for free to guide you in what customers are looking for and where.